Challenge: Rimi for a Better Life challenge
Challenge description:
A person's joy of life is based on good health, a lively spirit, and an energetic body. It's a guarantee of well-being. That is why Rimi, wanting to inspire everyone for a better life and promote the introduction of healthy habits in everyday life, offers a healthy lifestyle movement - Rimi for a Better Life.

Specific products have been evaluated according to the Rimi Better Life criteria and awarded with this mark, which means that these products, depending on the product group, contain:
  • Less salt
  • Less sugar
  • Less / better fat
  • More fiber
  • GMO free
  • Only natural flavorings

In stores, these products are marked with the green Rimi Better Life label on the shelf or in the price tag. However, people often do not notice these signs or do not understand what they mean.

The challenge would be to offer solutions on how to recognize these products on store shelves and how to inspire shoppers, in general, to choose healthier products when making purchases. Also - to offer solutions, how to provide/show to customers in physical stores, by selecting one specific healthy product, that the particular product will go well together (it can be prepared together) with other healthy products.

Challenge category: Let's overcome the crisis together
Sport: Interdisciplinary application
Challenge author: RIMI - Healthy lifestyle partner
Challenge code: izsph20en16
Questions and answers: Register as participant or mentor and check #challenges-list channel in Slack
During the hackathon, teams can solve the challenges set by the partners, as well work on own new or work in progress ideas.

If possible, we suggest the teams to find ways to adapt their solutions to the challenges set by the partners, as they are looking for teams to work together and start pilot projects after hackathon.