Challenge: Innovative coverage of a badminton court
Challenge description:
There is a need for a badminton mat. It can be placed on the floor or an industrial surface such as concrete, etc. Accordingly, the additional depreciation is required. The surface of the ground must be such as to dampen the landing after the "pike" and at the same time not to reduce the stepping.

It should be noted that the existing badminton court solutions last for ten years and more. Also, it must be possible to paint line areas on the surface that do not disappear.

The mat should be easily placed and removed (for example, it can be divided into multiple parts, as well as putting it together; not much tape is needed each time).

If possible: Install badminton court/mat and badminton ruffle sensors that detect both players and ruffle movement on the court, as well as record line events. Such a "smart" badminton court solution has not been created in the world yet.

Challenge category: Sports infrastructure and equipment, Sport and innovation
Sport: Badminton
Challenge author: Latvian Badminton Federation
Challenge code: izsph20en10
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